MathisiFees and refunds

We are committed to providing applicants and enrolled students with information concerning the required course fees and refund policy associated with its training and delivery services prior to enrolment and post-enrolment.

Course delivery: When a student enrols in our courses, management shall ensure every effort is undertaken to maintain course delivery and any disruption or cessation to the course delivery is facilitated with the student according to the following procedures.

We have used the following fee structure as of 1st March 2015:

Fees information

  • Course fees: located on the relevant course details page.
  • Certificate: included in price (postage included)
  • Replacement of Certificate: AUD$29 plus GST
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard or bank deposit

We do not collect course fees in advance. Our courses commence for a student automatically upon process of purchase of a course. Payment of fees must be made within 14 days of enrolment.

Refund Policy

Subject to any relevant consumer/trade practices laws, if a student cancels a course for any reason:

Within seven days from enrolment, students are eligible for a full refund, less an administration feeof 25 percent of the purchase price.

Past the first seven days from enrolment, students are eligible for a refund of 25 percent of the purchase price only.

Please note:

This refund policy does not apply to international students. International students seeking a refund must

If for any reason we are unable to fulfil our service agreement with a student, we must refund the student’s proportion of fees paid for services not delivered.

Transfer Policy

If students desire to be transferred to another course, this will be possible only in certain circumstances:

  • ifa student has not started or did less than five per cent of the total course or has not passed any assessment. The cost to transfer to another course will be AUD$50 plus GST;
  • if a student has already passed a number of units in a course, they can be transferable to another course. This can only be done if they are listed as core or elective units:
  • transferto another course is free;
  • students might need to pay for the extra units required to complete the new course.


We provide sufficient post assessment support and guidance to ensure students complete their training and assessment. We will provide for at least three reassessment attempts for students who are deemed ‘not yet competent’ on completion of training and assessment.

Following the third attempt resulting in a ‘not yet competent’ result, we will require the student to extend their course or re-enrol in the unit or units where three ‘not yet competent’ results have been recorded. The re-enrolment or course extension will attract additional fees per unit undertaken.

Re-enrolment cost for a unit AUD$100 plus GST

Course Extension/Re-Enrolment Policy

Courses may be extended for:

– Athree-month period for AUD$99 plus GST. This applies from the date the extension fee is paid.

– A six-month period for AUD$149 plus GST. This applies from the date the extension fee is paid.

– A 12-month period for AUD$199 plus GST. This applies from the date the extension fee is paid

If a course has been expired for more than six months, then the student is required to pay a re-enrolment fee of AUD$99 plus GST, plus the extension fee of the period desired.

Any course left for longer than 12 months will require a full payment for enrolment.

Course Expiration Policy

Courses will expire in 12 months from the date of enrolment for all certificates, and24months for diplomas.

Once a student’s course has either expired or been completed, their student portal will be deactivated for that particular course.

Course Payment and Agreement Policy

This policy provides customerswith many rights over and above standardstatutory consumer rights stated in the various consumer protection/fair tradinglaws.

If you’re unsure how consumer protection/fair trading laws apply to your particular situation, then you are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice.

Finalisation of enrolment policy

It is important to note an enrolment is an agreement and therefore ‘a contract’.

A customer agrees to pay for the products ordered. If an enrolment occurs, it is the customer’s obligation to fulfil the conditions and promises of the enrolment by paying all the prescribed fees within 14 days.

If the customer fills out an enrolment form over the internet, or enrols over the phone, they are making an agreement to purchase. They do this by supplying various details that would not be given out if the customer was simply making an enquiry.

We have email information we send to our customers who request information only. We also offer unlimited access to a sales and enquiry line before a customer chooses to enrol. The process of enrolment is the commitment a prospective student makes when they wish to begin a course.

In an enrolment, we ask for credit card, date of birth and other sensitive information. If credit card details are not available, we ask the customer to pay by bank deposit.

Course continuance

Once the student has commenced study in their chosen course, we guarantee to complete the training and assessment within the course duration and will further negotiate the timing for completion of the course if a student is unable to complete the course due to illness or extenuating circumstances. A course extension fee may also apply.

Unpaid fees policy

If students choose to a full upfront payment and this has not been received upon enrolment,we may send emails that remind the customer of their contractual obligation up until 30 days after the date the enrolment form was filled in.

We may also make an effort to contact the customer, however the responsibility is left to the customer to notifyus of when the payment has been made.

If after 30 days, we have still not received full payment for all the courses that were selected, we may:

  1. a) Transfer the debt to a collection agency and seek full payment of the course fees that were agreed to either online or on the telephone; or
  1. b) Charge an administration/cancellation fee no less than AUD$250 plus GST per course to allow the customerto retract its contractual obligation if they have changed their mind. In the event that we make an ‘offer’to retract the contract, such offer will be made as a ‘goodwill gesture’ only in accordance with this policy, and without waiver of our right to full payment of fees for the courses that were selected by the customer. This option is only available if both parties agree.

At any time prior to 30 days from enrolment, the customer is able to satisfy this policy by paying the agreed fees.